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Home Diffuser Fjóla

SPA of ICELAND Relaxing Home Diffuser Fjóla

Best for living spaces and office

 A perfect addition to any home and a lovely gift to give.

  • 5 rattan sticks
  • Elegant Icelandic blue glass holder
  • Coconut, Vanilla, Amber and Musk
  • Vegan friendly
  • Cruelty-free
  • Heat and smoke-free, heat and smoke not required
  • No aerosol


Why you'll love it:

After a long day outside, you long for the comfort of your home. Pause for a minute and take time to refresh and feel calm with SPA of ICELAND Relaxing Home Diffuser Fjóla.

Create an ambience that is welcoming and relaxing and coming home will always be a treat for the senses.

An elegant home diffuser expertly blended with the relaxing scents of Coconut, Vanilla, Amber and Musk. Lightly infuses any room for you to enjoy a true Scandinavian retreat.

The soothing and therapeutic scents are the perfect aroma to relieve stress and stimulate your senses.

Rattan sticks are best to soak up the fragrance oil and effortly disperse the aroma into the air. Enveloping any space to be an inviting home spa experience. It’s long-lasting and the rattans sticks provide a safe release of invigorating scents.

How to best pamper yourself with SPA of ICELAND Relaxing Home Diffuser Fjóla:
1. Place the rattan sticks that came with the diffuser into the glass holder to absorb the diffuser oils.
2. Flip the rattan sticks so the dry side is now closest to the glass holder and the saturated end is in the air.
3. After an hour, place the unsaturated end of the sticks into the glass holder.
4. Let your home diffuser naturally permeate your space. It will continue to evaporate into the air creating a subtle and relaxing scent.
5. Space out the sticks for optimal diffusion.
5. When you need to replenish the scent, simply flip the rattan sticks.
6. Enjoy the relaxing scents.

KEY INGREDIENTS Scent from Coconut Amber Musk & Vanilla; Black rattan sticks; 100 ml glass bottle