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Lavastone - Pumice stone

SPA of ICELAND Lavastone

100% Natural Pumice Stone Instructions for use: • Wash your feet with SPA of ICELAND Shower Gel • Massage the stone on the feet or where the skin is rough, such as the knees, elbows and palms • Apply SPA of ICELAND Boddy Soufflé after use It is best to use the stone after a bath or shower - the stone can be used daily

Why you'll love it:

100% Natural Pumice Stone derived from the mixture of rock and volcanic ash from Iceland.

Pumice stone is an all-natural remedy to soften those rough patches of the skin mainly on the foot.
When cleansing and exfoliating your skin, it is useful to help rejuvenate and refresh your tired feet. It can also be used to soften the calluses and corns to reduce pain and friction on your feet.

This can also be used where skin is rough like the knees, elbows and palms.

How to pamper yourself with SPA of ICELAND Lavastone:
1. Best to use the Lavastone after a bath or while in the shower.
2. This can be used daily.
3. Take the lava stone and massage your heels with the roughest part of the stone.
4. Massage your feet and calves lightly with the stone to stimulate blood circulation. The stone can be used on the whole body, but it is good to lightly rub over the whole body after a bath.
5. Apply Spa of Iceland Body Souffle after to lock-in moisture for a softer, smoother and healthier skin.